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Double Decker Bus Hire

Popularly used as a means of transport for a large group of people, a double decker bus or coach is always one of the best options. Owing to its size, it can easily cater for huge numbers of people, even a group exceeding 50. At Nolan Coaches, we have a fleet of several customized double decker buses and coaches for any type of trip. Our bus and coach rental services are focused on delivering comfortable, convenient and affordable travel services to various types of passengers.

Double decker buses and coaches are now becoming very common and this can be attributed to their ability to deliver unique benefits to the transport industry. Double decker buses and coaches can accommodate a large number of people. Travelling together in a chartered double decker bus could save your whole group not only money and time. You need not worry about one member of the group being late or getting lost because you will all be travelling together and arriving at the same time.

When a group travels, some of the main concerns are reliability and safety. At Nolan Coaches, we not only deliver reliability and safety, we also ensure that your journey with us is an experience which you will remember for all the right things. Our fleet of buses are regularly services to ensure they are in optimum condition. They are all fitted with features that will make your ride smooth even in long distances. Our drivers are all trained and licensed. They have extensive experience with a good number of years under their belts. As a result, you can always rely on Nolan Coaches to get your group to your destination without an ounce of inconvenience.

Great Transport for All Events

Some people might think that double decker buses are only for short distances. This is not true at all. Double decker buses and coaches can be used for more than just sightseeing tours around the city or airport transfers. At Nolan Coaches, we offer double decker bus hire for any kind of trip.

The convenience of our customers is of paramount importance to us. We strive to ensure that customers get the right bus or coach for your trip, anytime you need it. With our large fleet of vehicles you are never left wanting or waiting.

There is sometimes a disparity in the schedules of passengers and at Nolan Coaches it is our duty to make sure each group’s demands are met. As soon as you book our bus, it is left at your service until the expiry of the service. Throughout the whole time, you will be given a driver to operate the bus to and from your destinations. Your whole group can travel together and it will be easier for you to coordinate with the whole group.

Say goodbye to hassles and let Nolan Coaches take care of things for you. Contact us now for a quotation.

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